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Granite is the product of the Earth at its most awesome and violent. Formed from igneous activity, granite is essentially a cooled magma melt, the colour and size of the crystals determined by how the magma wells up into the crust of the planet.


Coarse-grained granite’s are formed when huge bodies of magma cool over long periods of time, thus giving the crystals time to grow. Fine-grained black stones like Nero Assoluto are often formed on the ocean floor or in similar conditions where they cool so fast the crystals become invisible to the naked eye.


Granite is tough, beautiful and takes a deep polish. They are excellent worktop materials. Standard thicknesses for slab are 20mm and 30mm, although unlike engineered stone, other thicknesses are available with a longer lead time. Give us a call to check out the huge range available from almost every part of the globe.

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