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Without doubt one of the best-equipped stone fabrication units in the United Kingdom, Sussex Stone & Ceramic’s Framfield based facility is an object lesson in thoughtful planning. Designed from the offset to remove bottlenecks in production, a decision was made to invest in machinery that’s the best available, not just in isolated places, but throughout the process. This allows the stone to pass through production without a hiccup, unencumbered by inefficient machinery


From state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, through CNC Bridge saws, and on to a modern waterjet cutting machine capable of cutting 6-inch-thick Granite with complete accuracy, we can process stone in a myriad of fantastic ways, giving you options you never knew existed. Sussex Stone & Ceramic are superbly placed to help you realise your needs when it comes to stone, both natural and engineered.


Unti 4 Squires Farm Ind. Estate,

Easons Green, Framfield,

East Sussex, TN22 5RB


For information about upcoming open days - please call 01323 842105

or send an email to

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